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价格从 S$220 到 S$1,800 (不含消费税)

  Package A
Package B
Package C
Men Cancer Screen Package Package D
Package E
Package F
above 45 years of age Early Detection saves Lives!
Medical History Screening
Doctor’s consultation
counseling on Cancer Prevention

Physical examination
Visual Acuity
Tonometry (glaucoma screening)
Retina photography

Body Mass Index
Body Composition
Respiratory Screen – Chest X-ray
Respiratory Screen – Spirometry

Cardiac Screening – Resting ECG
Cardiac Screening - Treadmill Stress Test

Cardiac Screening – Calcium Score For Heart

Cardiac Screening – CT Coronary Angiogram (Heart scan)

Urine Analysis
Stool for Occult Blood
Full Blood Count
Diabetic Screen
Lipid Profile
Lipoprotein (a)

Apo A+B


High Sensitive CRP

Kidney Screen

Liver Screen

Kidney Function

Liver Function

Full Kidney Function

Full Liver Function

Hepatitis B & C screen (liver cancer risk)

Infectious Disease – Hepatitis A, B, VDRL

Infectious Disease – Hepatitis C, HIV

Endocrine Function

Bone and joint screen – Rheumatoid Factor

Bone & Joint Screen – Rheumatoid Arthritis Factor, Gout

Hormones - Total testosterone, sex hormone binding globulin, free androgen index and PSA.

Hormones - IGF – I (Growth Hormone)

Hormones - DHEA (S)

Cancer Markers – Colon, Liver
Cancer Markers – Nose, Prostate

Cancer Markers – Pancreas

Helicobacter Pylori Breath Test (stomach cancer)

Ultrasound Thyroid (thyroid cancer)

Ultrasound Tests (testicular cancer)

Ultrasound Prostate (prostate cancer)

Ultrasound Prostate Optional add on – MR spectroscopy of prostate

U/S Prostate

Abdominal Screen – U/S Hepatobiliary (liver, gallbladder)

Abdominal Screen – U/S Abdomen (liver, gallbladder)

Abdominal Screen – U/S Abdomen (kidneys, pancreas, spleen)

Abdominal Screen – U/S Abdomen Optional add on – CT colonoscopy (colon cancer)

Medical Report & Review

Medical Report & Review Suggestions for vaccination against liver cancer